Energy of ASIA: ASIAN GAMES 2018

What is Energy?

from Middle French énergie (16c.): “force of expression”

from Late Latin : “energia”

from Greek: “energeia”  which is activity, action, operation; from energos “active, working. 

What is the after-effect of this ASIAN GAMES to our personal person?

The euphoria of this remarkable sport event might be already over, but what we could be obtained from this event? big-brand new sport station..OK, stay-still big poster of the event…Ok got it, what else?? ENERGY…YES ! correctemando! *_^

The energy is remain! and thats suppose to be

The energy of activity, operation of being active and keep positive!.

The Energy that keeps us more than just life but alive!







Lighting the day

Wondering why we astonish with the structure of the light? What makes those lights illuminate in front of our eyes. Fraction of the colours bring the blending of primary part or magnificent Earth whereas green for wild forest, live; blue for the splendid deep blue sea, calm yet tough; red for lava, eruption, fire, anger.

Those pictures were taken during the Opening ceremony of ASEAN GAMES 2018 at Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta-Indonesia.

From those carefully selection images of thousand people, fraction of lighting which captured by playing the camera actually the symbol of energy and feeling.

Have a great monday!

Maximilian HABIBIE Birthday 4 years old



October last year 2016, we were heading to Lembang, near bandung, west java. it took around 4.5 hours driving from Jakarta.We rent a villa which located just on the foothill of mountain in Lembang. The villa was so cool and the view..the view which we will never see in Jakarta..was so freaking stunning.

5:00 in the morning, the temperatur was 16 degree C! geez…so great! so refreshing!

We were there to celebrate our son, HABIBIE four years old birthday! we took him around lembang, to a wonderful-nature-experience.

He loved it and the most important thing that from time to time he experiences what nature is!

Happy Birthday Habibie! Happy Birthday Son!



Mommy and Popa














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